Jordan Brown Invitational

Thank you for participating in Jordan’s first fund raiser. Our goal is to allow her to spend as much time as possible down in California playing and training with her partner and other young ladies her age that have had the opportunity to play almost daily year round in Manhattan Beach, the Mecca of beach volleyball in the US.

Thank you for your support and help in developing her into the amazing player and young lady she has become.

Tournament Format:

This is a little different than what you may have experienced before in a tournament format. I decided on this format primarily to give players the opportunity to show how well rounded they are and secondly because it’s a lot of fun being on the sidelines cheering on your teammates which is something lacking in the 2’s game.


Men will play 2 sets to 21

Women will play 2 sets to 21

1 Co-ed team will play 1 set to 21 of reverse 2’s on a women’s net.

1 Co-ed team will play 1 set to 21 on a co-ed height net with no restrictions to the men hitting front row.

Should there be a tie, all 8 players will play one set to 15 on a co-ed height net.

There are four rounds of head to head play meaning that each player on the top 10 teams will play 12 regular sets and up to 4 sets to 15 should they have a ridiculous amount of ties.


At the beginning of the match, the captains will play rock, paper, scissors. The winner chooses whether men or women will play first. After the men’s and women’s matches are completed, the captains will repeat the process with the loser announcing which pair will play first. The winner then selects whether it’s reverse or normal co-ed. The strategy for this will become clear as you try to create the most favorable match-ups for your team.


Normally coaching wouldn’t be allowed, but as you are teammates and not “coaches”, coaching is encouraged but only during time outs and in between sets.

Entry fees:

$200 per team which includes 2 drink tickets to be used during the day or at the social.


We will host the social at the Eighty-Eight Brewing company in the same complex as the Beach YYC so bring your change of clothes and plan to shower at the beach.

Please eTransfer your entry fees to – password: Jordaninvite

Thanks and see you on the beach.

Marc and Jordan