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How effective is your marketing campaign?

When was the last time you were provided a marketing audit report? An overwhelming majority of businesses don’t have the answers to some of the basic questions used to ascertain the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives:

Marketing Audit in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


How is my site rated for design, ease of use and appeal? Are my call-to-action effective in capturing leads?

Social media

Are you using the right social media for your business? And, are you doing it effectively?

Public relations

How does the public view your organization and industry?

Promotional material

What message is your marketing/advertising campaign conveying?

Leads management and proposals

How effectively are you managing your leads? Are you crafting sales proposals that result in closed deals?

Campaign costs and ROI

How much should you spend annually on marketing? Are you getting a strong return on investment?

The goal of a marketing audit is to measure the success of your active marketing efforts. As a business owner, you have probably asked yourself if you are doing enough to stay competitive in the marketplace. Or if, in turn, you’ve done too much but not getting the results you expected. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, we are able to assess your business visibility online. As well, how much access your current and prospective clients to your services. 

How is the marketing audit performed?

We have extensive knowledge of digital and print business communication that allows to determine your campaigns’ strengths and shortcomings. First, our marketing audit explores your website’s analytics data to get baseline information about your traffic numbers, conversions, bounce and exit rates, etc. Then, we will perform an SEO audit to check the performance of your on-page optimization.  Next, we perform a website audit to assess overall user experience, navigation and quality of content. And, if there are any concerning findings we finish with a programming audit to uncover potential issues. Lastly, we pool all the findings together into an in-depth report.   

Once the marketing audit is performed, you will receive a comprehensive report with key findings and recommendations that will help you develop your brand and grow your business. In addition, the marketing audit identifies opportunities to help you achieve your business goals. We can help stop the guessing. We will find the answers and help you take control of your marketing dollars!


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