5 Ways Custom Web Apps Support Growth for Commercial Clients

Mar 20, 2020 | Blog, Programming | 0 comments

Custom web apps are packed with features and functions based on each business’s needs. They are thoroughly tested and tweaked based on customer feedback to maximize usability and eliminate glitches. They have all the components you need to ensure every part of the software will be fully utilized. No unnecessary or underutilized functions wasting space.

There are so many benefits to having a tailored web app for your business. They provide you with the resources and tools that make day-to-day operations easier to manage. Below we will be discussing the following benefits in-depth.


  1. Reduce costs
  2. Save time
  3. Improve productivity
  4. Enhance communications
  5. Reduce redundancies and inaccuracies


1. Reduce overall costs with custom business web apps 

Once you start using your custom web app, you’ll realize how much time you were wasting by manually performing tedious tasks. You will be able to save time by streamlining and automating your sales and billing cycles. And, as your business app completes and keeps track of tasks, you will be able to eliminate unnecessary staff. Your custom web app can keep track of receivables, generate invoices and perform basic bookkeeping. You’ll never miss a sale! Hence, allowing you to capitalize on business opportunities and timely follow-ups with customers.


2. Save time with business management platforms

Your new piece of business software can be tailored to the unique way your business runs. As a result, you will be able to catch and resolve inconsistencies fast. You will no longer waste time scheduling and planning. You can set up ongoing tasks and get project notifications and alerts to keep you within a set timeline. The best part is, doing and reviewing paperwork takes minutes, not hours. 


3. Increasing productivity with Mobile and web apps

Because custom web apps for businesses are so intuitive and user-friendly, it will be easy for you and your team to adapt to it. Although no custom web app is exactly alike, you will find that its efficiency increases your employees’ productivity by encouraging them to use the system. Thus, you will notice more things getting done in less time. As more tedious processes become simpler, completing tasks is easier and faster. In addition, as a business owner/manager you will enjoy the ability to track sales, data, and employees seamlessly.


4. Enable communication with employees and clients simultaneously 

In addition, your custom web app allows for easier communication within your team or those utilizing your application individually. Delegating is also easier, as you can add users and assign user roles. With all your employees synced to the same platform, keeping everyone on the same page becomes seamless. In addition, so do managing projects and tasks.


5. Custom web apps to reduce business redundancies

Perhaps the greatest feature of custom business apps is that you have all your data in one place. It gives you a birds-eye view of your processes from start to finish. Your tailored web app can have as many or as few capabilities as you need. Use it for inventory, employee and sales management. Or, you can set up invoicing, email marketing and lead generation. With so many available functionalities, you can tie all aspects of your business in one intuitive platform.


Building business-specific custom web applications

Now that you’ve learned all the ways custom web apps for business support organic growth, how do you choose the right software developer? Any seasoned web app builder should be able to create a platform with all the functionality you need, programming-wise. The challenge is finding one that understands your business well enough to incorporate all the features you need into your custom software.

As every business is unique, it is important to get to know yours intimately, in order to efficiently respond to its needs. Meeting with potential developers of custom web apps to hash out ideas and put your vision to words is the first step of the process.

Then, if you are looking to start this process today, give Cardan a call and we will be happy to discuss your project.