What is a Google Ads campaign and why you need it.

Oct 14, 2019 | Blog, Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Tips | 0 comments

Google Pay per Click (PPC or Google Ads) campaigns allow your site to gain immediate online visibility and increase your website traffic while your organic rankings climb to page one. Your PPC ads are the first listings you find in Google searches, and thus; they improve your branding with a high number of views also known as impressions.

While your website is your hub of information, the face of your business online and your sales team, it’s effectiveness is also dependant on users finding you and seeking to communicate with you. In order to reach out to your current and prospective clientele, you need to take a proactive approach.

Google Ads (PPC) is a proactive approach that provides your business with the opportunity to drive highly qualified prospects to your website and to easily connect with your customers. With Google Google Ads you can advertise locally to your potential customers with the services you want to promote, control your costs and set your budgets.

In October of 2016, Google started rolling out its expanded ads, doubling the size of the search engine ads, to make it more difficult for the public to tell advertising apart from organic listings. This means that PPC ads will be likely to displace organic rankings, taking up more space per page, and thus; getting a lot more views and clicks from online browsers.

This change is a great opportunity for companies that do not have first page rankings to rise to the top using compelling, well-written ads that not only catch the eye of users, but encourage them to click on them.

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