Why one-size-fits-all website templates fail

Nov 27, 2019 | Blog, Marketing Tips | 0 comments

Although a cheap and quick solution, build-your-own website templates are usually not good tool to kickstart your business. There are a variety of providers like SquareSpace, Wix, and a wide range of prices to fit even the more astringent budgets. Online website templates promise to give you a platform to interact with your clients and launch your business online.

Unfortunately, these templates provide a cookie cutter solution that does not work for many business models. In addition, they fail to deliver the right message to their audience.


Limited storage capacity

You will need to be careful if you want to have a gallery or portfolio for your work/product/services. You will only get a limited number of images you can store in your website. Uploading high resolution images will also reduce the total number of images you can have.

Inability to customize

Limited design options: Layout, colours, fonts, etc. are static. Sections cannot be moved or removed and spacing cannot be altered.

Inefficient navigation

The navigation bar is a set size, so there are only a specific number of tabs you can fit in there. There is no ability to add breadcrumbs or have a sidebar or footer navigation menu.

Unnecessary content

As the layout is mostly static, there are sections you cannot move or remove. This means you will need to fill them out with content you might not want or need.

Insufficient marketing capabilities

Templates don’t have all the options to optimize your pages, posts and images. Hence, directly impacting your website’s ability to rank on search engines. Doesn’t allow you to add custom website codes to track pages and conversion goals.

Not really a DIY solution

You will still need to hire someone to plan the structure and hierarchy of your site. In order to get the template working relatively well, you will need to make changes on the layout and design. Also, write the content, create the pages, posts and sections, etc.

Tempting as it might be to save money by buying a DIY website template, chances are you are going to waste more time than necessary trying to assemble a website that ultimately might not work for your business. And, you’ll still need to invest in a custom website solution that meets your needs and those of your target clients.

Why should I hire Cardan to develop my website or mobile app?

Here are some benefits that a dedicated team can provide that a template simply can’t:

  • Understand the uniqueness of your business and shape the project accordingly
  • Provide a project timeline
  • Work closely with, and seek mock-up approval from, you every step of the way
  • Give you an accurate quote
  • Provide technical support and training as needed, in person or online
  • Keep your website up-to-date with new product/services and current promotions


Although a convenient and enticing solution, “one-size-fits-all” hardly ever actually fits all. If you want to do it right from the get-go, hiring a team of experts to develop your website or mobile app will be the most cost-effective solution after all.


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